Monday, April 20, 2009


Sunday was a hot one here so we decided to go get a frozen yogurt! Big Spoon now has my favorite "original tart" here in Natomas Park. For the first time J got his own treat, aka "tweet." Patrick took these pictures with his phone. I know what my friends are thinking - "Of course Gina thinks a plain yogurt with fruit is a TREAT! (pathetic) " I know... I know... :)

Either way he thought he was such a big shot sitting in his own chair, with his own spoon and his very own tweet!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sutter's Fort

Last Wednesday my former 2nd graders - now 4th graders in Mrs. Skelly's class went to their annual Sutter's Fort field trip. Her class used to spend the entire day and night there when I was her student teacher, but no longer. Now the kids spend the morning, dressed in period clothing, each representing a real life pioneer (including each member of the Donner family), and learning all about the ins and outs of the arrival of the pioneers. They research their characters for weeks, learn real pioneer songs, and enter the fort in real life horse drawn covered wagons. It truly is an amazing experience for the children. When I was a student teacher with Mrs. Skelly, the parents volunteered and cooked in the actual fort kitchen, Patrick churned real butter (took about 5 hours!) and then folk singers came to the fort after dinner for singing and square dancing. The students now experience the rest of the food and dancing back at the school (which was announced Thursday will be officially closed down due to budget cuts next year - really breaks my heart, it is such a happy place for me, not to mention the community).

This year I surprised the kids and met them with Jack as they arrived to the fort singing thier pioneer songs! They were so excited to see us! Both Jack and I dressed in late 1800 garb - Jack loved EVERY moment!

The 4th graders - including jack as their "mascot" down in front!

When I got home I was bummed that I was behind the camera the whole time and never got a picture of myself dressed up or one with Jack and me. When I was downloading the pictures I found this picture! I think it must have been one of the moms trying out the camera! The good news is - you can see my costume too! ( I suppose the glasses were out of character).

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter pictures

Daddy dyed eggs with Jack!

The backyard looked so pretty - the tables had my mom's lace table cloths on them and beautiful cuttings from her garden. The hot pink azaleas are from my Grandma Jackie's plant that has lasted all these years!

Searching for eggs - "There it is!!!"

Aunt Corie made Jack homemade play-doh!

Grandma and Corie

Friday, April 10, 2009

A visit from Dad & Danielle

Dad and Danielle or as Jack would say "Fapa Tom and Dani" came to have lunch with us today!

Grandpa was impressed that Jack knew his letters!

Danielle and Jack played on the ground!

Jack loved showing them his FIFTEEN HUNDRED ladybugs that Robin bought him - 1800 come in the bag, but they advertise them as 1500- allowing 300 for casualties . . . and there certainly were causalities!

Grandpa Tom and Danielle drove up in a BIG TRUCK - Jack was besides himself - at the end of the day - Grandpa put Jack in the driver seat with his driving glasses and all! He thought he was a real big shot!

THANK YOU for the wonderful visit Fapa Tom and Dani!

Happy Birthday Umma!

Jack and I took Umma out for breakfast for her birthday!

We then took her to one of her most favorite places on earth - a NURSERY!
Jack loves this nursery because it has wagons - he usually rides in them, but this day he wanted to push!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


The other night I told Jack he was going to have the turkey chili I made for dinner. He said "Nooo - passa", which means "pizza." I said "Well, I am sorry you want pizza but Mom is offering you chili for dinner." He began to throw a fit until I had him take a bite - he then became OBSESSED with the chili! It was hysterical - I gave him a HUGE bowl of chili - once he finished it he kept saying "more chili, more chili!!!" I thought it was hilarious and so cute! As I went to get him another bowl I grabbed the video camera. In the video, I push the whole "what do you want?" A LOT because I just wanted to capture him saying "More,chili, more chili, more chili" over and over again. Well, I never got him to say it over and over in a row once the camera was on him, and it is a bit overindulgent as to how much I want him to say it, embarrassing really, however, thought you all would think this was pretty funny! Goes to show pizza's not that great after all!

The video is taken after his first bowl - he actually finished his entire second bowl - and let's just he had SEVEN you know whats the next day!!!

And yes, that is a gigantic bruise covering his entire right cheek - a result of two big crashes at two separate times on the same chubby cheek!