Monday, June 27, 2011

We love you Grandpa Bill!

Grandpa Bill - who really goes by "Trampa Bill" in our house is recovering from his LONG ten hour surgery that we all so anxiously had been awaiting for months. We took this picture and had it made into a 3' by 2' poster to hang in all his hospital rooms (ICU, ACU, and regular patient). It was close to the first thing he saw when he woke from surgery. The precious nurse actually took the bulletin board off the wall and put it right in front of him moments after he came out of anesthesia. Bill says it means the world to him. He says that all of the patients that get wheeled by stop and make a comment, as well as the all the new shift doctors and nurses. Bill is still in the ICU and taking it day by day. Thank you all for your phone calls, emails, text messages and PRAYERS especially. Praise God!! He was watching over Bill the entire time and continues to!!!!

The poster hangs right next to his ocean view window!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Graduation (although back to school by August)

James Marshall includes the three year olds in their graduation ceremony. They performed the "Little Red Hen" and received diplomas. We thought that Jack must have been overly tired since he just sat there and looked miserable most of the time. Stenn on the other hand seemed to steal the show - running back and forth behind the kids and clapping for all the students. It was absolutely precious! I then thought Jack must be rreealllyyy tired when he only wanted to "west on the wocking chair" the next day (last day of school/water day) when all of his friends were playing outside in the sprinklers. I felt like a terrible mom when that evening I went to kiss him and he was ON FIRE - the then discovered 103.2 fever was clearly the reason for the way Jack was acting - can't believe it took me that long to figure out :(

Lasted 6 days ...

And now Stenn has it...

18 Months and Mimi!

On June 7th Stenn turned 18 months - so hard for me to believe. He weighed in at 22.11 pounds at the 12th percentile and 90th % head! This once little man with very few words has about thirty now! Just last week he started saying "Hewooooo" for Hello, "Tootsies" for his feet and "berry" when he points to blueberries. He is an observer though, much like his dad. Quiet in front of others and a non stop talker with the family and in the car!

Mimi is back visiting from France! She tries to come each June and November. We visited Dad, Danielle and Mimi after Stenn's doctor appointment.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

CRAZY about this baby!


Happy UN-Birthday Jack!

Yesterday Jack's school celebrated his UN-Birthday! All of the summer kids still get to have a birthday celebration. Coming from a summer birthday girl who never experienced a school birthday - that is a BIG DEAL! Patrick surprised Jack at school and instantly jack wanted to sit in his Daddy's lap at Circle Time. It's a big deal to have a daddy there!

Mrs. Hinton crowned our big birthday boy!

He was even allowed to pass out his own cupcakes

Our beloved Mrs. Hinton



The Holmes family came over this past weekend to celebrate Samantha's birthday. It was priceless to watch the four boys. Jack and Landon TRIED to get angry with each other - but the two times they came out of the room to tell on one another with their arms crossed, they started giggling because they simply could not hold a grudge! They play soooo well together :) Such a blessing!


This little bugger LOVES to make a mess with his food at times - but I am proud to say that most meals he sits at the little table with jack and eats like a big boy! Love him!!!


Jack participated in the 2nd Annual James Marshall Trike-A-Thon this year! He won his FIRST trophy!!! So exciting and so precious :)