Tuesday, March 22, 2011

15 months, preschool, break from rain, brown bear

Stenn had his 15 month appointment. He weighs 21.12 pounds - registering in the 20th%! That's a big deal in our family! And of course we can always count on the 95th% head! He walks all over the place and is a man of few words :) Mama, Dada, Ball, More and Bah for bottle.

Jack shared his "computer" (or as he calls it his "besputer") last week. His teacher, Mrs. Hinton, is, I believe, the best preschool teacher on the face of the planet! She makes children feel so important and loved.

This little monkey is always climbing on something!

They both eat at the table together now - Stenn thinks he is all that and a bag of chips!

A small break from the rain had the boys outside fixing the bench that had fallen down from the storm.

As well as some shovel digging! Susan gave us these adorondack chairs from her old house - they are fun to have!

Stenn has a slight obsession with books (a great obsession to have!). His favorite is Brown Bear Brown Bear. Each time I read it to him he belly laughs and shakes (as if it was the first time every time)!!!!