Sunday, April 25, 2010

Holmes Family

All Holmes All The Time at our house on Saturday night! Tim and Sheri (and baby to be in belly) came up from El Segundo to see Sam, Curtis, and Landon and of course to meet their new nephew Baby Grayson. On Saturday evening all the Holmes kids came for a visit! I was so excited Tim and Sheri were able to meet Stenn! We had a wonderful dinner filled with good conversation and laughter! Such a great family those Holmes!

Sheri gave Stenn tons of snuggles, and in return he gave her tons of drool spills!

After dessert these two needed a buddy bath!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Babies, Toddlers & Flowers

Stenn had his 4 month check up. He weighed 13.2 pounds - Jack was 12.12 pounds at his 4 month appointment. Their head size at this time - exactly the same (big)! Stenn is longer, but not by much. Although Stenn is only in the 25th percentile - he seems like a giant to me, considering Jack is always in the 5th or 10th percentile. The doctor said he looked great!

Baby Grayson has arrived! Now BOTH Landon and Jack are big brothers to two sweet little boys! This was the best shot out of about 20 :)

I know this is a strange photo - but I wanted to share my most favorite kissing spot with you. Unfortunately for Stenn, he has a cowlick smack dab in the middle of his hair line (something he will most likely despise when he is a teenager). Fortunately for me, it is the most precious kissing spot in the world! It's like a swirl of yumminess! I don't know if anyone knows this, but it was one of the first things I noticed when they pulled him out of me and put him on my chest!


I finally have two rose bushes other than white! They are called "Joseph's Coat" because almost every rose is a different color. I planted them last year but they never blossomed. In the last week the blooms have been sprouting like crazy! I know for most of you this may seem strange - but everyday I cannot WAIT to see what comes up next! They actually make me beside myself. I know my mom, Danielle and my Auntie El can contest to this. Now I get it - they have been talking about roses all these years - now I really do know the joy of a new bloom! They are breathtaking.

I am looking forward to them climbing up the entire fence!

Stenn hangs out and cooks with me most nights

This is fun . . .

Jack (3 months)

Stenn (4 months)

I love my boys

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Eighth Dwarf

In March, "Trampa Bill" introduced Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to Jack. I assumed he would have no interest due to it being a princess movie. Well little did I know he would become OBSESSED with the SEVEN DWARFS! Grumpy and Doc are his favorites. Everywhere we go, and I mean everywhere, he marches and belts out "Hi-ho Hi-ho, It's off to work we go!" Ikea, home, Target, the grocery store, church, the park, friend's houses - you name it - he belts it! When we are at the check out line in the market, the checker will ask what his name is - he instantly folds his arms, puts a sour face on and says "I'm Grumpy" and then grunts. Of course I begin to sweat with embarrassment and have to explain instantly that we are in a "seven dwarfs phase." I am sure all the checkers think "ya right."

This video is just a SMALL example of our day to day "Hi-hos." If he finds anything on the ground, be it a froggy boot, a hanger, a stick, a wooden spoon, even a paper clip, he will immediately create it to become a pick from the diamond mine in which the dwarfs work so tirelessly!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Jack introduces Stenn to the Exersaucer

Stenn went 12 hours last night! He is 18 weeks tonight. His spirit is adorable. Jack is a pistol - but a precious pistol at that. I love the way Stenn loves his brother.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy FOUR months today!

Today Stenny turns 4 months old! Unbelievable! It is hard to believe that I was in labor with him just four months ago as I type this. On one hand it seems like forever ago, on the other hand it sems like yesterday. He is babbling up a storm and kicks and flaps to high heaven when I come in his room in the morning and look over his crib!! It makes my heart melt. He sleeps until 5:30 now - then a plug of the pacifier and he'll go to 7:15/7:30!

Robin and Beverly came up yesterday to celebrate our mom's birthdays. Rob spent the night at my house and she got in some great play time with Jack and some quality snuggle time with Stenny!

Happy Easter

Samantha's mom got this bunny outfit for Jack but it did not fit at the time - but it sure fit Little Stenny - I couldn't resist - and considering it was a cold, rainy day - it was perfect! He was precious! We ate at grandma Shirley's retirement center - and let me tell you - the residents LOVED it!

Grandma Sandy and Trampa Bill

Jack wore Patrick's sweater when he was a young boy knitted by Great Grandma Shirley!

Aunt Corie and the mini Easter Bunny

Stenn wasn't so into the family picture

Happy 30th Birthday Joanna!

Our dear friend Joanna invited us and three other couples to join her for wine tasting in Amador County. We had a limousine and went to four wineries. It was so fun to get away and celebrate such a great woman! Welcome to the 30's Joanna! (Finally!)

Happy Birthday Friend!

Auntie El stops by for a quick visit!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Stenn rolls over!

Last week when Stenny turned 15 weeks I thought to myself - "This is the week Jack rolled over - he was 15 1/2 weeks out in Hershey." I then thouight there was absolutely no way Stenn would be doing it at the same time because he rarely gets tummy time (I also thought STOP comparing!). I started putting him on his tummy more often at the beginning of the week. When all of us were in Jack's room last week cleaning up, I laid Stenn down on the carpet - and BAM - he rolled over! P ran and got the video camera and he perfomed again! The crazy thing is they were BOTH 15 1/2 weeks - what a random number. I thought it was so interesting that I actually looked it up and counted when exactly Jack did it - I know - that is silly but I was so curious . . . Jack's little brother beat him by a day!!! ;) Stenn has so quickly left the infant stage - makes me sad. But what a precious baby! Now if he would only sleep through the night!