Saturday, November 29, 2008


On Thanksgiving we went to Gina's dad's house. Danielle always cooks a wonderful meal. Jack was in rare form - very cranky and not really wanting to have anything to do with anyone. The next day Gina cooked for her Mom's side and the Woods. Jack continued to not want anything to do with anyone including is grandmas! We were worried, thinking he may be changing his tune of mild tempered Jack! We woke up this morning to a runny nose and a big ole' tooth cutting through right on the bottom of his mouth! Phewff! Let's hope that is what it is!

Thanksgiving night

Friday night at our house

These next three pictures you'd think Jack was preparing for "prince-hood"

At the head of the table

His "everyday" throne (most always included with snacks and a "ba")

Harmony comes to visit!

Last weekend Harmony came to town to spend some time with us and to celebrate her birthday! We had a quiet weekend relaxing, eating, playing games and watching movies. We love having friends come and stay with us! Thank you Harmony for coming up and spending time together! Jack loved it and so did we!

Snacks & Reading

One of Jack's FAVORITE things to do recently is sit for long periods of time and relax while reading and snacking!

Monday, November 17, 2008

I apologize about the post delay - we did not have our camera

This weekend we took Jack to The Nut Tree - a small family park that Patrick and I used to both go to as young children. The Woods met us there and Jack had a great time! It was 81 degrees and filled with fun. Jack LOVED the train - he enjoyed watching it more that actually riding it. We are not sure if he even realized he was on it. He went on a couple of rides and took old fashioned photo booth pictures. Afterward we drove to Sonoma. Our dear friend Susan was in need of some tech help at her property there - she called on P and he was to the rescue!

Firefighter Jack

Riding the train with family

Grandpa and Jack

Strolling the park with Dad

The grape vines in Sonoma were in all their autumn glory!

The park in Sonoma

Such a wonderful family weekend!