Friday, June 11, 2010

Erin just sent these to me from her camera

Erin & I have known each other since high school - boy has a lot changed! All for the good!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Happy 6 Months STENN!

On June 7th Stenn turned 6 months old - which is one of the hardest things for me to wrap my mind around. I felt like the first 6 months with Jack really felt like 6 months. With Stenn, I almost feel like I just got home from the hospital in many ways. Maybe because my every waking minute was with Jack, and now my every waking minute is split in two. What I do know for sure is that Stenn has the most gentle spirit, the most precious soul, and a smile that looks right through me. He brings me pure joy each day. I am so thankful for him. Friends told me the capacity to love just gets bigger and better - it was so hard for me to believe. But now I most certainly do. The three men in my home (both little and big) bring me so much love spmetimes it can feel like I am drowning in it. What an amazing feeling to have.

So when we took Stenn to the doctor - I went in thinking Jack was 15 lbs. when he was 9 months. Stenn gained exactly 2 pounds from his 4 months appointment going from 13.2 lbs. to 15.2 lbs. (10th %) His height was 26 1/4 "(50 %) and his head - a good ole' 17 1/2 " (75%).

Then I came home and looked up Jack's stats AND WAS FLOORED!!!!
JACK 6 MOS: 15.1 lbs. (10%) Height 26 1/2 " (50 %) and ready for this? Head 17 1/2 " (75%)!

UN - BE - LIEVEABLE!!!!!!! ONLY 1/4 INCH AND 1 OZ. OFF!!!! I think this is crazy! So here is the funniest thing - With Jack at this point he could still easily fit into 0-3 month or 3 month clothes. NOT this little guy - he is built so differently! He is wide, broad, has a long trunk and is solid!


For those retired (grandparents) and actually have a little time - it is fun to click on the first "December" on the right hand side toward the bottom to see Jack at 6 months!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Jenner 2010

The Holmes Family invited us back to Jenner this summer! It was a wonderful time with good friends and good food. The weather was overcast but not too cold. Jenner lies on the tributary of the Russian River and the ocean. The water was actually a bit warm where the boys were playing.

Stenn's first visit to the beach - he found it very relaxing.

Curtis and Patrick dug channels in the sand - a great adventure for Landon and Jack

I love these next two photos

Jenner year 2

Jenner year 1


Life with two keeps me so busy - it is hard to keep up with the blog lately.

Grandma Sandy hosted a beautiful Mother's Day - here is a picture of the most important moms in our lives. So pretty.

My first Mother's Day as a mother of two!

Erin was visiting the Bay Area and made her way up here to spend the day with us. I was SO thankful! She brought her precious Dempsey - Now 10 months!

Well . . . . . the time came! On May 20th the Budda Fairy came to our house! Jack collected all of his buddas (pacifiers) and he and Auntie Carolyn decorated a bag and filled the bag with his buddas. We then put the bag on the front porch for the Budda Fairy to come in the middle of the night while we were sleeping. I assumed my overly dramatic son would be hysterical and his siren cry would ring throughout the neighborhood. But no, no crying, not even a WHINE or a TEAR! I was more emotional than he was! He asked for his budda when he went to bed a few minutes later and Patrick reminded him that we just put them in the bag for the Budda Fairy to come and bring them to all the babies who need them. With that he just rolled over and went to sleep! I cannot believe I waited this long! I honestly thought it was going to be devastating for him - but no. No devastation at all. It was SHOCKING! He has asked for it twice since and I simply asked him if he remembered where they were and he laughed and said "Oh ya, with the BUDDA FAIRY and all the babies!" UNbelievable.