Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Monday, April 21, 2008

got pretzels?

When Susan came to visit she informed me that not only is Hershey the chocolate capital of the world but it is also famous for it's pretzels! She brought Jack a package of pretzels that will probably last a year! This was his first introduction to Suz's gift - you can say that it went over QUITE well!!! He did not make a peep for about 30 minutes!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Monday, April 14, 2008


Yesterday we were invited by the Holmes family to attend a River Cats game - the local triple A baseball team here in Sacramento. When we got there we discovered how truly HOT the day was going to be - we think it reached around 96 degrees. Not a fun temperature for NO NAP JACK! When we arrived we got Jack a balloon which intrigued him. Then the real fun began! As we were getting into our seats at third base all of the sudden Patrick (not me) heard "Heads!" P immediately shielded Jack's head with his body. I, still oblivious as to what is going on, trying to organize our belongings and sit down, instantly felt a BAM right smack in the middle of my shoulder blades!!! It took me a second to figure out that I was just hit by a line drive right in the middle of my back. What was so eerie was the crowd was so quiet. I then hear P say "get the ball . . . get the ball . . . GET THE BALLLL!!!!" I look down - see the the dented ball that LUCKILY bounced off a seat BEFORE it slammed into me (dented from the seat - that is how fast it was going) picked it up, raised it above my head and THE CROWD WENT WILD!!! So of course I began to DANCE! I thought to myself "Although my back is pulsating - the show must go on! Give them what they want!" I did not catch myself on the jumbo-tron, perhaps I was not even on it. P was THRILLED - His baby boy had his FIRST ball at his FIRST game! On the other hand he was pondered at the fact that he had been to MANY games in his life - a large amount of them with his dad, bringing his own mitt, wanting to catch a foul ball and NEVER had! This was maybe my 6th or 7th baseball game in my life and my SECOND ball! The first one I caught in my lap at a Dodgers/Giants no-hitter my sophmore year in high school. P said I was his good-luck charm!

Dinger the mascot - J was fascinated!

Jack will appreciate his Dad's enthusiasm in theis picture when he is older!

As I snapped this shot - Jack put the ball right into his mouth - I about died - THE FILTH - but then I thought - hey - who cares, it's his first real baseball - it is what is IS!

Sweaty head Jack was done after all that heat and ball catching!

Susie comes to visit!

Susan is here from Hershey, PA celebrating her 50th birthday (unbelievable) in Sonoma. She went out of her way to come to Sacramento for a whole day and night to spend time with our little family. jack is CRAZY about her! As are we!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

9 month appointment

Jack had his 9 month appointment yesterday. Going into the appointment I thought FOR SURE he was at least 18 lbs. - gaining around 3 pounds from his 6 month appointment. Well - I was WRONG! He was only 16 lbs. 13 oz.! I thought for sure he fell off the growth chart - but he is hanging on by a thread - he is in the 5th percentile! He grew two whole inches, pushing him from the 50th to the 70th percentile in height. His head, of course, remains at the 75th percentile! The doctor has no concern for his weight - he eats incredibly - loves ALL foods except for peas. He is addicted to blackberries! Jack clearly takes after the Guerrini side of the family - if you have met them, you have seen they are all very lean! She was impressed with his social and verba skills and thinks he will be crawling by the end of the week! P and I have said that for 2 weeks though! We will see! I will try to get the "wounded soldier" crawling on video to post. It looks like he is trying to escape a mine field after being injured!

Sarah's Marco discovered himself in the mirror at only weeks old - Jack REALLY just noticed yesterday at the doctor's office! He was ENTHRALLED! Laughing, touching, clapping, it was hysterical - wish I had the video!

After his doctor's appointment Jack went down for a long nap - When I walked in to get him I discovered THIS! He was sitting up all by himself waiting for me smiling through his pacifier like a big shot! This was first time he ever went from a laying down position to sitting on his own! It is all happening so fast!

Happy 60th Birthday Mom!

My mom turned 60 yesterday! We had a fantastic celebration. I took her, her life long friend Patty, and Jack to Patrick's parent's place in Tahoe (thank you s and b!) to continue the celebration for a few days. Jack offered his grandma a cracker for her birthday! Happy birthday Mom - you look amazing!