Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bringing Grandma Shirley back Home to Maine

Due to some computer issues I have not been able to post on the blog. After many weeks all is fixed!

Last month we brought Patrick's beloved Grandma Shirley back to York, Maine for her final resting place by her husband Stanley. There were so many pictures, I decided to make a slide show.

The trip was amazing. It took 23 three hours of LONG (two planes, one heinous RED-EYE, and a rental car) TRAVEL but was all worth it. The state line welcomed us with it's fantastic sign that reads "WELCOME TO MAINE - THE WAY LIFE SHOULD BE." As soon as we saw that sigh s huge smile grew on our faces and the 23 hours was then a blur.And boy is that quote on that sign the truth. It is more and more magical there each time I go. I can only imagine being Patrick and his sister spending their summers and some Christmases there. It truly is amazing, relaxing, quiet, and really - the way life should be.

Grandma Shirley's service was beautiful. One of my favorite memories was her best friend raising her Manhattan with a beautiful smile on her face (which is rarely captured) toasting her precious friend at the luncheon. We enjoyed the beach, the houses (I am always overwhelmed with the beauty of the coastal York Beach houses), the flowers, the lobster and the lighthouse. I drove the boys to Boston where we went to the New England Aquarium and saw my old friend Cara who I used to work with at Regus when I met Patrick.

Bill send it perfectly at the funeral when he looked out at the congregation at Shirley's church and said "Thank you all for being here to welcome Shirley back home to Maine - this always was her favorite place!" I know she was looking down and was so happy to see all the relatives and friends gathered together. Sandy did a beautiful job honoring her mother :)

Many more posts to come - we have a lot to catch up on . . .