Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Sweet Boy!

Good Birthday Morning Sleepy Head!

He loved being greeted to singing Happy Birthday!

Of course big brother asked for a candle after Stenn got to have his :)

Stenn gained two pounds in 8 weeks in the late summer, then two pounds in SIX weeks in the fall! I assumed he would have been at least 21 lbs because he was 19.6 at a sick appointment on October 27th (roseola). However since then he has not really had an appetite, has fought a cold here and there and is teething up a storm! Only a four ounce weight gain this time at 19.10 lbs! I was surprised, because I really did not think his loss of appetite would really effect him that much. He is also all over the place and very active (he walks with his push walker, cruises all over the furniture and crawls like the speed of lightening!) - maybe that has something to do with it. On the other hand it was a record breaking day in the Woods household. A one year old actually made the growth chart!!! A 10th % marking - but on the growth chart nonetheless!!!! Soooo - statistics at 12 months > 10% weight 25% height and of course 75% head! Doctor said he's growing beautifully! She then opened his mouth and literally let out a gasp! She said his entire mouth was swollen and then said "Oh my gosh he is getting a molar!" Poor guy! No wonder he has not been himself lately!

I cannot believe you are one!

10:07 PM picture

What a blessing he is - so fun to celebrate him!!!!! I love you my Stenny Benny Stennerman!!!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy FIRST Birthday PARTY!!!

We had Stenn's Birthday Party the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

I made shortbread S-T-E-N-N cookies for favors!

The Friday after Thanksgiving, P and I were sitting on the couch and all of the sudden we saw Stenn come around the corner pushing the little children's chair, walking along like he had been doing it for weeks! We couldn't believe it! We immediately got out the walker and he loves it!

Thank you Clarks for coming to celebrate Stenn!

Thank you too Holmes clan!

Grandma & Grandpa Woods

It was so special for us because Mimi (Danielle's sister from France) was able to be here for Stenn's party! It really meant a lot! SO SPECIAL!!!

Stenn wanted to make sure the dishes got washed after the party! Thanks Mom and Gary for letting us have it at your house! It was so fun to celebrate Stenny-Ben!

Stenn' First Thanksgiving

We headed up to my Dad and Danielle's for our annual Thanksgiving! The boys ate early so we could have an adult dinner.

During dinner we put the boys in front of the TV, after about 10 minutes we slowly watched Stenn hunch over and fall asleep! It was just about the cutest thing we ever saw!

Diaper Heads!

Landon came over for a play date a few weeks ago and the boys came running out of Jack's room like Super Hero-Crime Fighting-Diaper Heads! It was hysterical!! Boys will be boys!!!


The Brachs called us on their drive down from Portland with a surprise! They were making such great time they asked if they could stay with us in Sacramento! We were THRILLED! Within a few hours the kids were playing, making a house a wreck, rough housing with Uncle Ditty and laughing up a storm! So FUN! Thanks for the last minute surprise Brach Family!

I love this picture!

Three little monkeys jumping on the bed!