Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The last 28 Days . . .


Jack had his 3 year old birthday party where the children played pin the tail on the donky...

and hit a bulldozer pinata . . .

and ate construction cupcakes, worms on grass cupcakes and dirt and worms in a cup!

Stenn had a blast!!!

The Britton family came for the 4th of July! We ate at Joe's Crab Shack, played in the blow up pool and experienced sparklers and fireworks in the street!

Then we drove down to Southern California to see our friends and meet the Afghani girls that our The Svendsens & Arnolds are hosting for 6 weeks through Solace for the Children www.solaceforthechildren.org/. Our first stop was to Harmony's house where she gave us a great dinner and we played with Erin and Dempsey!

It was Stenny's 7th month birthday that day - and he sat for us for the first time!!!!

I was finally able to meet Katie's new precious son, Owen. Only 9 weeks old here. It was fun for us to introduce our new baby boys to one another!

The gang! Sawyer at the head of the table (Jack sure loves that there is a little man around now when he comes down - a lot girls around here - but he loves them too - he's always up for a tea party!)From the left - Lucy, Jack, Siena, Mattie Sue (who is off to kindergarten this year - how did THAT happen???), Charlie, and Malyn!

Nothing beats being naked or wearing a princess dress!

These are 2 of the Solace girls - Sana and Neelab - two of the brightest smiles in the world. Patrick was playing Afghan music for them on his iphone and they loved it! Such precious souls.

Stacy's baby - another boy comin' to the group!

High Tea

Stenn's first time at a Southern California Beach. Jack talks about the beach everyday - I mean EVERYDAY! He LOVES the beach!

Jim, P, Charlie & Jack flew kites

Such a great photo taken by p (notice the kite!)

And finally within the last 28 days . . . The Guerrini cousins all got to be with each other for the second time ever (with Jack, and Connor & Avery) AND now there are 4! It was fun for Stenn to be there and meet a bunch of the Guerrini clan! Of course we took photos just as Stenn was going down - guess we should have done it when he was happy - not at bed time!

I know it has been a long while since I have made a post - sorry there are so many pictures - just so much to share!!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

June 30th - Jackie P is THREE!

Wednesday morning Jack woke up to streamers, balloons & a 3 year old birthday waffle!

After breakfast we headed to his 3 year old check where he . . . yes ladies & gentlemen . . . came out of the 5th / 10th percentile section on the growth chart for weight and made it all the way to the 25th! He is 25th percentile in both weight and height. I was terrified that this quite moody at times three year old would be a piece of work at the doctor office - but he was a champ! The shots were a surprise for both of us - but we got through it! It is quite different pinning down an infant compared to pinning down a three year old who knows what is coming . . .

After the Dr. we drove by Lumberjacks - Mrs. Skelly told me Jack would love it - I gave her call and she and her son met us there!

The tradition continues - Jack's 5:00 (when he was born) photo (just woke up from his nap with bed head)

Taken at 5:01

first birthday 5:00

second birthday 5:00

Umma came over that evening and surprised Jack with his FIRST BIG BOY BIKE!!!!!

June Fun

Mimi (Danielle's sister) was back from France and this time she was able to meet sweet baby Stenn!

French toast breakfast in bed for Daddy & Jack on Father's Day! Breakfast was followed by a River Cats game!

Stenn has upgraded to the high chair!

My hydrangea are in full bloom and BEAUTIFUL! It is so fun to watch them bloom, surprise me with the color of the year and get bigger each season!

The Brach kids come for some fun! We played in the back yard 95% of the time. The two days were filled with blow up pool fun, popsicle eating, bbq pizza & fresh fruit chomping!