Thursday, December 25, 2008

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Annual Manhattan Beach Fireworks!

Every year our family makes it a tradition to attend the annual Manhattan Beach fireworks! In 2000 it was our first outing not as "clients" for P and I - a big deal! And in 2002 we celebrated our engagement at the fireworks amongst all our friends! P and I have said that no matter where we live - we will always try to make it back to this special event - it is a wonderful tradition for us! It has been fun to see the evolution of friendships, relationships, engagements, marriages and babies throughout the firework years! I also had a wonderful Christmas exchange filled with a delicious Moroccan meal, tagines, and cookbooks! (Unfortunately I do not have pictures of that night :( ) - you can see them on

Because I have so many pictures on this post - I made them small - for Jack's grandparents out there that may not know - you can click on the actual picture and it will enlarge for you to see!

We missed you Zitzlsperger and Rillos Families!

We arrived at sunset - the sky was amazing ( I love this picture!)

houses on the strand waiting for their party guests to arrive

Jack, Carrie and Nicole trying to get warm waiting for the rest of the crew to arrive - it makes it much more complicated - as it seems another person/baby is added to the mix each year!

woods family watching the fireworks - jack and charlie were not sure at first - both saying and signing and saying "all done" as soon as they started

siena and nicole bundled up

once charlie and jack got in their dad's arms - all was better!

carrie holding charlie and jack

arnold family watching the sky!

the two attempted all kid pictures - not bad!

it is such a beautiful setting and experience!

load em' up!

jack and charlie mae - reading, pj's, book and christmas trees - who could ask for more?


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's the little things...

So in the last two months Jack has been obsessed with pretzels and letters. Everywhere we go he is pointing out letters. He also makes sure he has his daily pretzel fix. So Jack walks up to me and says "Mama Rrrr" and hands me this eaten pretzel! Again, it's the little things!

Cutting Down the Tree!!!

This past Sunday we went back up to Snowy Peaks Tree Farm in Forest Hill for our 4th annual tree cutting with the Holmes family! Last year we were freezing - this year we found ourselves shedding layers! Jack loved exploring in the trees - especially with the ones his size!

Landon and Jack

Landon and Jack last year (the year before they were there - just in our bellies!)

We came home and decorated right away!

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Anything for a snack

even when there are casualties...