Saturday, June 30, 2012

While I'm at it... I should UPDATE!

We lost Corie on February 15th - An unexpected SUDDEN loss.  It has affected our entire family greatly.  Day by day ...
We decide to make the move and build a house in Roseville - 20 minutes Northeast - Where church is and P's work

Bill and Sandy come over to have their 40th Anniversary dinner March 18th

Robin and Frankie came for a visit in March

Happy Easter!

Stacy invites Carrie, Nicole and me to her family home to spend weekend with her parents and sisters and celebrate the TALKED ABOUT FOR TEN YEARS Fiesta NIOSA (Night In Old San Antonio)  This was her folks' porch we RARELY left!  I AM NOW CONVINCED THERE ARE PORCHES AND MARGARITAS IN HEAVEN!

Moves fast!

Jack TOOK to T-Ball!  He loves it and we do too!!!!
Harmony and Steve get married May 12th!
Erin and I dance the night away!

Memorial Weekend in Tahoe   ----   A visit with Dad, Daniell & Mimi -----   Brachs come for a quick visit & Nolan gives boys Timber jerseys!
swim lessons
Jack in newspaper celebrating his beloved teacher, Mrs. Brown's 50th year in teaching!!

Father's Day

Creeping Fig gets removed off of 5457 Lewrosa!!!

Dentist time!


5 year old Jack gets a new bike that fits him!!!


Well.... I am BACK!  It's been a LONG 4 1/2 months - We lost Patrick's sister, Corie, unexpectedly - and well quite honestly I just was not in the mood to post - nor did I ever take the time to sit down and do it.  I hope we still have followers out there!

But HOW COULD I NOT POST TODAY??!!!  Five years ago today at 5:00 PM our first born Jack Patrick was born! HE IS FIVE YEARS OLD!!  How in the world did THAT happen????  He is SUCH a joy!  He has ALWAYS had a sweet spirit - but the years three and four he explored his moody/cranky side at times :)

However in the last few months, he has become a big boy who ALWAYS pays attention to his manners, his kindness and his feelings about everything!  Both of his camp counselors told me at separate times that they had never met a never young boy with the most incredible manners!
HE IS THE MOST INCREDIBLE BIG BROTHER ON THE PLANET!!! He shares, he teaches, he guides, he encourages and he LOVES his Stenny!!  Of course they bicker - but most hours in the day I hear "Good Job" and "Please", "Thank You" and "You're Welcome" being exchanged between BOTH of them!!!  WHAT A BLESSING!!

We are soooo proud of our first born son - he makes our HEARTS BEAM!!!!!


Jack's first photo

5:00 PM Year ONE

5:00 PM Year TWO

5:00 PM Year THREE

5:00 PM Year FOUR

5:00 PM Year FIVE!!!!