Thursday, October 21, 2010

Apple Hill, Venezio & Preschool Halloween Party

Last weekend we spent a beautiful, Fall rainy day in Apple Hill! A first time pumpkin patch and farm animal visit for Stenn. It was so nice to actually get dressed in clothes appropriate for cool weather. It seems as though each year when we go to Apple Hill it is hotter than ever.

We then took the boys to Venezio Vineyard where we got married (had our reception). I was big and pregnant last year at this time, so it was fun for the Venezio family to meet Stenn! For those of you at our wedding, you can see in the back of us that they have now planted vines not too far from our tables! So pretty!

Last night Jack had his first preschool Halloween party! Arrggh Matey!

You can't have a pirate without a parrot!

Stage performance - they sang nursery rhymes and Halloween songs

His treat bag was decorated with his painted footprints, turned upside down with eyes to make ghosts! So precious! I love his school!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy 7!

Happy 7th Anniversary Monkey! It was such a beautiful day. I love this picture. To me it represents walking the journey. All the memories, travels, two beautiful sons, and more memories to come - I look forward to walking more of the long journey with you.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Unlike his brother, this little boy is quite camera shy! Every time I try to capture a milestone he freezes up! On Stenn's 10 month birthday he cut his third tooth AND clapped on his own! Big Day! On 10.10.10 he started waving! Haven't caught the waving on video - but after many a tries - I finally got the clapping! He mostly claps in his high chair - probably because he is applauding his love for food! I actually debated calling the doctor the other day asking if it was possible for him to have a metabolism problem - when I feed him I actually have to cut him off! He may be giving Sawyer Svendsen a run for his money!

He also claps after jack dances for him - stenn joins in the dancing by bobbing up and down, and when it is all over, he applauds. It's darling. He is crawling, creeping, hobbling, at lightening speed - I've put the gates back up!

Stenn has been saying ma ma ma ma ma since about 5 months but obviously has no idea what he is saying. But yesterday I walked into his room in the morning to get him and at the top of his voice he shouted "MaMa!!!" Again - probably had no idea what he was saying - but it was fun to walk in to!