Monday, September 24, 2007

Happy Monday

It is amazing to see how our little 12 week old jack is interacting. I could be wrong but I SWEAR he is giggling! Will have to check in the book if it really is! He is such a precious angel.

A visit from Katie and Molly

We had a great weekend! Katie and Molly Britton flew up to introduce the babies to each other! We had a wonderful time - it meant so much! Thank you Katie and Molly!

Jack loved Molly Jane

At only 8 months old Molly is so smart - she knew to put the pacifier in Jack's mouth!

Thanks for playing Molly!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Attempt at the Bumbo Seat!

Mom has discovered that my only 11 week old thighs are (what seem to be) too big for the Bumbo Seat! This whole "will help child with posture and neck strength" chair should support those with challenged-ly thin thighs!

Where is the neck rest? I sit on this thing as though I am expecting a lazy-boy!

Big night out on the town!

BEFORE - Mom and Dad received a gift certificate to the ole' Olive Garden from a client! It was their first time to dinner with just the two of them since I was born - But of course, they wanted me to tag along - I was quite excited!

AFTER - Ohhhh - it must have been those bread sticks!!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

8 random things about Jack's mom

Stacy asked me to do this - I am late but here we go:

1. I have always wanted to swim with dolphins
2. I want to someday spend a lot of time in Africa helping children (and play with the monkeys - C and N stop laughing)
3. I lost to the presidency in 6th grade - my slogan was "Don't be a meany, vote for Guerrini!" (but I was redeemed serving as vice-president in jr. high!)
4. Although I loved my university and would not trade going there for the world, I do secretly wish I went to a pac 10 school/ big 10 school in many ways
5. I never was cut from any teams in school - because I never tried out for any :)
6. I wish I were better at gardening
7. I wish I had a larger vocabulary (or one at all)
8. I treasure celebrating people
BONUS #9. I love food - I look forward to it everyday!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A party for Jackaroo!

Grandpa and Grandma Woods had a lovely gathering for their friends to come and meet their new grandson! The food, company and weather could not have been better!

During the toast when everyone yelled "Hip hip Hurray!"

Jackaroo's personalized cake!

Sandy and Bill's friends

Bill wanted to make a toast - we got Jack up from his nap and he did great! He had a few pouty lips but other than that was pretty precious!

Labor Day Weekend - Back to the South Bay!!!!

Gina and Patrick took Jack back to their old stomping grounds. It was SO hard to be there and not call it home again. The friends, weather, beauty, beach and familiarity was wonderful. Jack loved meeting his parents' friends!

Jack's first visit to Hermosa Beach

We pitched a tent with all of the gear - going to the beach was MUCH different this year. Nicole holding Charlie, Carrie holding Siena and Jessica (Stacy's sister) holding her newborn, Ryan

Tim, Patrick, Jimmie and Erik swimming

Concert in the park - Manhattan Beach

J wore his newsboy hat in honor of his Uncle Jim!

Charlie Mae and her dad snuggling

Jack was so happy to meet Harmony!

The HAPPIEST baby, Malyn Grace Arnold at Concert in the Park

Gina and Mattie Sue playing

The music lulled Jack to sleep

Boo and Mattie Sue spending quality time together

Again . . . Magical Mattie Sue


J's first time facing outward in his baby carrier - he seems to like it!

Stacy and Malyn

Woods and Arnolds

And then . . . THE meeting!
From oldest to youngest - Mattie Sue, Malyn, Ryan (Jessica's boy), Charlie, Siena, Jack

The newbies! (Jack COMMUNICATED to us that he was not a fan of the family picture!)

Malyn Grace and Charlie Mae - Uh Oh

Precious Siena Marie leaning (we'll go with snuggling) Jack - again Jack communicating LOUDLY that he is not happy! (Good thing this blog picture does not have sound!) Siena came just 3 days before Jack but was due an entire month after him! She is dainty and beautiful - he was soooo happy to meet her (he was just having a low moment here!)

Auntie Carrie and Jack