Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Captain Jack

For Grandpa Bill's birthday the Woods took the family on a sailboat rise on Lake Tahoe! It was one of the most amazing things we have ever experienced! Most people have never been on a sailboat, here I am 33, my first time -and then you have Jack - 2. Boy he has done a lot of things in his short life - such a blessed little guy!!

A little (a lot) windy once we started really sailing and the sail went up - but we were all happy because they served us great snacks!

The captain was nice enough to let Jack take the wheel AND borrow a captain's hat!

Monday, August 17, 2009

The old stompin' grounds!

The family headed down to our old stompin' grounds for a summer visit before baby #2 comes! It was wonderful to be back at the beach and seeing our friends! The weather was amazing!!

Charlie and Jack lead the way toward the end of the pier to the aquarium!

See the star fish!!!

Baby Lulu turned 6 months while were there on the 12th!

We had an evening picnic at the park where the adults chatted and the kids played ring around the rosie, flew a kite, and played ball!

My dear friends SURPRISED me with an intimate baby shower on the beach!!! An even bigger suprise was seeing the tow Katies! (Gibson and Cooper!)

There were home-made box lunches, mimosas, music, cupcakes, a gift card, and a beautiful book filled with words of affirmation written to baby #2! Such a joy and SUCH A SURPRISE! Thank you!!!

Four little monkeys jumpin' on the bed!!!

Stacy and Nicole made the kids a precious lunch one day with dinosaur shaped sandwiches while Carrie and I manned the kids!

Jack was invited to TWO tea parties while we were there! This was Charlie's tea party - he only threw the cups a few times!

We got to see Harmony!!!

Siena and Jack having an afternoon cup of milk

Baby Sawyer is growing quickly! 5 months tomorrow - the 18th!

Siena's tea party - Nicole uses real water with Siena. This was classic - Siena did not have a drop on her while Jack looked like he just got out of the shower when it was over! Pretty funny - at least he was game to participate!

Such a great time - home all this week - then off to celebrate Grandpa Woods' birthday in Tahoe! It seems as though August always is jammed packed - ALL with come to a screaching hault this winter!!!! Feeling the baby all the time now - amazing how it goes from a flutter to real kicks in a few short weeks!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


When Jack and P were eating "Boys Secret" - My Mom and I joined Robin and Beverly for our annual Scoma's (my favorite restaurant in San Francisco) birthday meal. Such a fun tradition! This was over a week ago - just took me awhile to post! Thank you for keeping the tradition going!

Jenner, CA

The Holmes invited us to celebrate Curtis's 35th birthday in Jenner! We went this same time last year as well! This is the small town where the Russian River meets the ocean. Their family friends have a home there. I also celebrated my 33rd birthday on the 1st - here is a picture of all of us on my birthday!

33 and 21 weeks pregnant!

The newlyweds, Sheri and Tim, (Curtis's brother who introduced us to the Holmes!) came with us - it was SO FUN to spend quality time with them. What an awesome couple!

Russian River

Hot tub time with the Holmes!

Snuggling in the hot cub with Dad

Beach time

The big boys were skipping rocks all weekend - Jack began trying to skip rocks as well - it was pretty cute to watch!

Ohhhh those lips!

Landon and his beach toys!

They had the most amazing deep colored flowers at the Jenner house! There were RASPBERRY hydrangea - I had never seen anything so beautiful!

My Auntie El would have been blown away! There were wild sweet peas all over the mountain!

We had such a fantastic weekend - we laughed hysterically, ate like it was our jobs (Sam is an amazing cook!), and spent wonderful quality time with great friends! I would like to send a formal apology to Tim and Sheri - vacation sure isn't the same when there are two toddlers involved - no such thing as sleeping in, day revolves around nap time, watch to make sure no drowns... it goes on and on!!! Thanks for your patience guys! And THANK YOU Sam and Curtis for inviting us to such a great weekend!