Saturday, May 31, 2008

A visit from The Brachs

This week Emilia, Nolan, and Mila visited us from Portland! We went to Fairytale Land, two parks, ate popsicles, and played. We had a great time - THANKS for visiting us!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

For Memorial Day weekend we went to Tahoe with Patrick's parents. Grandpa taught J how to play the bongos! We stayed inside most of the weekend (raining and snowing) with the exception of a nature walk on Sunday. Thanks for a great weekend Woods!

Happy FIRST Birthday Charlie Mae!

Jack and I traveled down south last week for Charlie Mae's FIRST birthday! She was born exactly 6 Saturdays before Jack! While down there Jack went into his first pool and flotation device! He was unsure but then warmed up to it. James and Carrie had a wonderful first birthday celebration for Charlie at the beach on a perfectly warm evening. It was hot dogs, s'mores, cupcakes and watermelon all around!

His first floating moment

The walk down wiped him out!

Charlie, me, Katie and Jack

Charlie, Charlie's friend, Mattie Sue, Malyn, Jack and Siena!

The Arnold girls, Jack and Siena

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Happy FIRST Mother's Day!

Patrick surprised me and took Jack and I to San Francisco for the day! The first thing we did was have a picnic along side Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park. My Auntie El used to take me there for years. We then took a paddle boat around the lake! Jack looked so precious with his infant life preserver on! Afterward we went to Pier 39, ate our hearts out, and watched the sea lions! Thanks P for the BEST first Mother's Day celebration EVER! I so love being Jack's mom!


on the peddle boat

dad and jack

oh captain my captain!

looking at alcatraz

daddy and jack watching and listening to the sea lions

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pictures from visiting The Britton Family

Blake was a WONDERFUL host - he is an amazing young man - so fun, so smart, so great!

The Brittons have beautiful home and a family friendly backyard! We put Jack in the jacuzzi (his first time) and later on roasted s'mores in their backyard fireplace!

Molly loved baby Jack, and Baby Jack loved pretty Molly - she helped feed him!

Monday, May 5, 2008

TEN MONTHS - two teeth - so big - so fun!

A visit down south

No one has ever said that Jack has slowed me down! While Patrick had a trip to Austin, Jack and I drove down to Southern California to help the Svendsens get adjusted into their beautiful new home and also visit our friends, the Brittons (picture of Brittons later). Both drives were LONG. Not sure I would recommend it - Jack, of course, was a trooper!!!

Siena and Jack played the piano a lot together!

The three "babies" are growing up! Charlie, Siena and Jack

Who wants some PUFFS?

Jack's friend Landon came over to play while his mom went to work! Landon is a professional eater! Jack tried to keep up! They went nuts when I got out the puffs!