Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Who Knew???

That it was ACTUALLY POSSIBLE for us to have a PRE-SCHOOLER? It was as though he was just born - and now as of today he is an official pre-schooler! It was my first day too. A part of this co-op pre-school is a once a week mandatory work day as well as parent meetings every first and third Wednesday night. Today I was in charge of art. I had the kids cut out huge red paper apples with big green leaves. The children took real halved red apples and dipped them into green paint. We then stamped the paper apples with real apples! They loved it! This school is wonderful and I feel so safe with Jack there. The downfall is he only got in to the afternoon class (Stenn's name already on waiting list) - smack dab in the middle of his precious nap time. Therefore I am only sending him Tuesdays and Thursdays - 5 days are actually optional. It was a wonderful,
energy-driven, exhausting afternoon!

Thank you to Nicole and Stacy for the new school shorts and lunch box!

He was sooooo excited to go!

Hershey 2010

We arrived home yesterday from or third annual trip to Hershey to visit the Transeths! A long car ride, two planes & 11 hours of traveling later we were home by 4:00! The boys were incredible. Amazing travelers.

Don took the boys and I to Bullfrog Valley Park for some duck watching & rock throwing. It is absolutely beautiful there!

Big Stenn meeting Baby Stenn for the first time!

Took the boys to Chocolate Worl where Jack got to "make his own candy!"

Then it was off to Hershey Park - a day full of rides! Stenn squeezed his huge self in the fire truck for Jack - such a great guy! Jack was Big Stenn's (as Jack calls him) shadow the entire 4 days - it was one of the most precious things I have ever seen.

The club the Transeth's belong to is beautiful. Stenny loved his time in the pool!

As did Jack and Aunt Susie!

We went to Stenn's football game and Stenn's buddy's dad brought Jack onto the field to see him. It was as though he was meeting Mickey Mouse! SUCH a big deal! It was so precious. Stenn would be standing on the sidelines and Jack would yell form the top of his lungs "Hi BIIIIGGGG SSTTTEEENNN!!!" Stenn did not miss a beat - turned around everytime to say hello to his little buddy!

Great travelers

Notice the flight wings!

Thank you Transeth Family - your generosity, hospitality & love are endless. I know you are exhausted - get some well deserved rest!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

8 months and Truckee!

Stenn turned 8 months on August 7th! He is just the light of our lives! He is ALWAYS happy (unless he is not being fed fast enough). The following pictures were taken on his 8 month birthday! The Transeths graciously gave us their amazing home in Truckee for ten days in order for us to celebrate Grandpa Bill's birthday! It was beautiful there and we had a nice time. Jack hit a few milestones while in Truckee. i think our little NON risk-taker is coming out of his shell!

Jack adores Stenn and vice-versa. This morning he said "Stenn you are my best friend!" He runs to his door in the morning when he heres him wake up and wants to be near him all of the time. If Stenn has to take a nap, Jack asks if Stenn can play with him as soon as he wakes up! Katie Cooper said to me shortly after I delivered Stenn "You just gave Jack the greatest gift of his life." I treasured that then, but now I treasure those words even more. I never knew how soon I would realize those incredible words she said to me. It's magical.

Jack road his first pony!!!! And was thrilled about it! No drama at all! His pony, Schroeder, was gentle and sweet.

Stenn got to sit for a picture!

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you! This is Jack on the Northstar bungee jumper! He said he wanted to do it - and he did!!!!

The girl loved him - the timer went off and the girl gave him another 10 minutes AND he did a back flip!!!

Patrick dug a whole for both the boys. Stenn LOVED this. He actually sat for hours! It was precious watching Stenn discover sand!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Happy Birthday! Happy Shower!

20 years later and still going to Scoma's! The first time Bev, Robin & my mom & I went was when I was 14! I think we have only missed a few years here and there while I was living in Los Angeles. The BEST tradition ever! Robin treated us this year too! THANK YOU!!!

On my birthday I celebrated the anticipated birth of Baby boy or girl Campi!! It was such a pleasure celebrating Robin! AND she is due on our anniversary - October 18th!