Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Jack-o-Lantern time

Jack & his green pumpkin - He was determined to have his dad turn it into a jack-o-lantern! P did a fantastic job! He said it was like carving a zucchini :)

The kids and their jack-o-lanterns!

G's is on top, P's is the gigantic one (of course) and J's is the bottom right. A special acknowledgment goes out to Joes' princess Jack-o-lantern for his 3 year old daughter - his first pumpkin carving ever!

Grandpa John is 95!

The Guerrini's celebrated Grandpa John's 95th birthday on the 24th! He looked amazing for being 95 years young!

6 Year Anniversary Weekend! October 17th & 18th

We took Jack apple picking and to the vineyard that we got married at on the weekend of our anniversary!

Now there are vines growing right where our tables were under the oak trees. It was great to go back and they knew who we were the moment we walked in.

Jack helped Gina make his first apple pie with the apples we picked. And it was DEEEEElicious!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Bishop's Pumpkin Patch 2009

Bishops Pumpkin Patch 2007

We took Jack back to Bishop's Pumpkin Patch this year. Back to the middle of NO WHERE, but very worth it! It was so much more fun this year because Jack actually understood where we were going and what we were there to do!

train ride

roasted corn . . . a MUST

A hayride driven by a John Deer out to the pumpkin patch

67 acres of pumpkins on their vines! (that is Jack and Patrick)
Jack ended up picking three small pumpkins - a very dark green one, a green and orange one and a plain orange one. We are saying the 2 extra are for baby and Calvin. Of course P had to go to the farthest end of the patch to pick the biggest and heaviest pumpkin he could find! Me, I picked what I could carry (which was a site with the belly & the melting down 2 year old in the middle of acres of pumpkins and the heat pounding on our heads - let me tell you)! A reminder NOT to wear jeans and a long sleeve shirt to the middle of nowhere-farm-land next year!

This year they had a hay-bounce. We guessed there were old spring mattresses under all this hay - either way, or whatever it was, it was genius! The children - especially Mr. Jumpin' Jack LOVED it!!!!

This sow was big, happy, nursing, and loving the attention away from her many piglets - she was fun to watch!

We fed the goats - many of them babies - Jack thought the grains we were feeding them were rocks. The goats were mainly interested in the ice-cream cone the grains came it. This was a really fun experience!

Life as a mother. Period.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

8 on Wednesday

In the last few weeks we have seen a lot of people and done some fun new things!

On September 29th Grandma Sandy turned 65 and Jack gave her his very first painting! Doesn't she look great??

Happy Birthday Grandma Sandy!

Jack and Gina got to meet Erin and Andrew's sweet little Dempsey!

Jack drove Uncle Randy's steered Uncle Randy's hot rod!

Dad and Mom took Jack to see his first movie! Toy Story 3D - Unfortunately his glasses only stayed on for 5 minutes - but the movie was still great!

We were thrilled to see the Transeths! They were visiting their Sonoma home from Hershey,PA!

Jack is now on day 38 of potty training (wooo hoo!) with only about 4 accidents! This is his little friend Kaiden whose parents we met at our birthing class while pregnant with Jack. They are 2 days a part and now Kaiden's mom and I are 2 weeks a apart all over again!

And today Jack got his first "salon" hair cut! He was a champ - Thanks to the fire truck chair!