Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bishop's Pumpkin Patch!

Now that Stenn is old enough to really enjoy these types of things - it just MELTS my heart! They are such SWEET friends - they enjoy each other so much! The other day Jack told me that StennyBen was his best friend - Oh my heart . . .

look at this? are you kidding me?

Frankie's First Birthday Party

Let the Happy First Birthday Harvest Begin!!!!

There was apple bobbing...

and crafts.....

(can you believe this cabin in the woods and this front yard????)

and pin the stem on the pumpkin!!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fall is in the Air!

I can't believe it! Little Frankie Campi - Robin's son (the one I was so privileged to witness come into this world) is ONE today! My contribution to the party are the caramel apple favors! I think my friend Stacy would be proud!

Who are these two little skeletons??

If you know me - you know I LOVE FALL! On October 1st the boys and I worked tirelessly to create a Happy Halloween House! We have skeleton and eyeball lights, a gauzy ghost, a gigantic spider above the door to greet you and SO much MORE!

Last year I decided to go ALL BOY with my mantle - The boys LOVE it! It's so fun because both the boys get just as excited as I do with all the decorations! Every single time Stenn sees a Halloween decoration, whether it be in a store or around the neighborhood, as high pitched as he can he puckers his lips and lets out a HUGE "Woooooooooo" with a pointed finger to follow!

Gooooooo Torpedoes! (The banner is spelled incorrectly - apparently that's how the real Russian team spells it?)
We are so proud of Jack! Stenn's latest on the field - "Goooo Jack Gooooo!"

This is the kind of coach we have - every week Jack gets a letter in the mail filled with words of encouragement - She is amazing!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

School & Soccer

Well Jack has been in school for six weeks now and I am just getting the pictures up! It's his second year at James Marshall and he ABSOLUTELY continues to love it! He is the big boy in the class this year - he is actually in the middle of the growth chart! Last year he was the smallest boy. He has a new teacher, Mrs. Brown who is wonderful. He goes 5 days a week! (But doesn't have to)

first day of school


We were undefeated until last weekend. The Torpedoes have been on fire! It was just this last game that Jack really started to feel comfortable and really "get in there"! It's precious to watch:)

Hmmm - what's wrong with this picture? The kids on the side lines are not really on the sideline but under a tree - annnndddd where's Jack's team? Or should I say? Where is Jack?

The team and the ball were on the other side of the field completely! This was his first game!