Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Who's the black-eyed, no more night-time pull-ups, no more bed rail sleeping big boy???????

IT'S JACK!!!!!!!!

(black eye incident happened three hours before school pictures:) )

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Busy, Busy Us

Jack LOVES his school!
Well look who looks like his mama?!

I love the way they set up snack for school. The children are expected to use all of the utensils and pour themselves their own juice or milk.
Sweet Harmony & Steve came to visit us at the end of the month. What a joy they both are! We took them to the railroad museum and ordered take out Italian. They are so easy and so fun. Thank you for visiting! As you can see from Stenn's clothes and accessories we like orange in this family! REMEMBER FAMILY YOU CAN CLICK ON THE PICTURES & THEY WILL GET BIGGER :)

I took the boys to see my grandpa for most likely their last time. Jack raced his scooter throughout his back yard while Stenn explored. My 96 year old grandpa, who is starting to slowly let go and is quite tired - threw the ball for Stenn three times. Such a special memory for me . . .

Baby Frankie (Robin's son) and Stenn on the blanket! Cannot believe this blue-eyed babe is almost 6 months old!!!

Jack had a field trip to the Folsom Zoo (who knew there was a Folsom Zoo)? Us on the train and the boys in front of a dear. Greatest thing about this zoo - peacocks freely roaming wherever you walk!

Jack shared his spider-man book/magnet draw at school the other day. A fantastic (always keeps him busy in the car) gift from Danielle!

Jack took this picture of Stenn and me. Unfortunately it is quite blurry. It seems like just yesterday I was Stenn's age running around in my grandparents backyard. A lot of fun memories in this backyard :)
I remember being a little girl sitting at the table for dinner (the same table that was in their home when my mom met my dad at age 16) and my grandpa would (in my imagination) yell, (but I realize now he was not yelling, just intensely encouraging) "manji no beva!" meaning "eat don't drink!" in Italian. I would always drink my apple juice instead of eating my food! (hope my translation is correct . . . Sarah?)