Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Day

The snow came blowing in this past weekend so we decided to drive up the mountain and take advantage of it. We thought it would be fun for Jack to experience playing in the snow! Robin and Ronnie came with us! It was beautiful.

A continuous thank you to the Brachs - Jack is dressed from head to toe (from shoes to hat) in everything of Nolan's! We are SO grateful!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Where's your...

Here is a quick video that I shot this evening. It really doesn't matter what happens at work when you get to come home to this!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ten on Saturday - Goodbye BUSY January~Hello quiet February!

January was a VERY busy month for us! We sure look forward to the month of February where we have NOTHING on our calendar other than quiet time together. Jack and Gina took their second road trip alone down south to see many friends and have a last look at Carrie and Nicole's belly's before they turn into babies! Jack was an unbelievable trooper. He did not make a peep either trip - the key...rigging the frog and pacifier (aka "buda") to the car seat - therefore losing the two most important things was impossible!

1. Jack and Gina slept at Harmony's the first night. It was wonderful and quiet. An evening of laughter, American Idol, toys and Chinese food.

2. The second & third night we were at the Arnolds. All came over to play in their amazing garage-turned-play-room for pizza and fun! Here are Siena & Jack playing a duet on the piano.

3. Jack and the Arnold girls, Mattie Sue and Malyn having a meal together. Thank you to Boo for babysitting!

4. We then headed down to the Britton's house in Orange County. Katie set up a snack buffet - I am SURE if Jack knew the term "died and gone to Heaven" he would have said this was that moment - are you kidding - a SNACK BUFFET???? Blake is now 5!

5. The Brittons have their very own blow up bouncy house in their garage - Jack experienced it for the first time and went crazy!!!!

6. Blake also has his very own Jeep Wrangler! This was hysterical - Blake taking Jack for a ride! Jack LOVED it! He kept asking Blake for more every time they stopped. Blake was an amazing big brother friend to Jack!

7. Molly (25 months) and Jack have the most important and most special part of the day in common - snuggling! Molly loves snuggling with her mimi (blanket) and baba and Jack with his frog and "buda."

8. Katie and Gina gave the toddlers a bath in the the big kid bathtub at the end of the night. Jack sure loved spending time and getting to know the Brittons more!

9. When Gina and Jack got home - they did NOTHING other than go to the park and have well needed quiet time. Here is a picture of the first day at the park.

10. The second day at the park - hard to believe he climbs up all the park apparatuses now and slides down the slides without help. He is growing up QUICKLY!!!! Too quickly! He also is now transtioning into a once a day nap - it is a hard adjustment (for both of us)!