Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy FIVE Months Today!

13 minutes ago at 10:07 PM Stenn turned five months old! How is this possible? I feel like I am missing out on sacred time with him even though I am with him every day. It thrills me in so many ways to watch his daily accomplishments (this week he put his pacifier back in his mouth all by himself, discovered his toes and tonight had his first rice cereal!). On the other hand it makes me sad because each day he grows farther and farther away from being an infant. The saddest part is I hardly remember him being an infant because I was in such a state of exhaustion. Jack honestly adores him - I could not ask for a more loving toddler big brother. I need to hold Stenn more and hold laundry and dishes less. It it just going by so quickly - to think - next month at this time he will be half a YEAR old - where did the time go?

Happy 5th month Stennerman

I cherish this picture

The pediatrician told me since Jack was born "studies show" that babies do not really need rice cereal until they are 6 months old. So I told her I would hold off unless I felt he was ready. Yesterday he screamed after drinking a 6 oz. bottle - I gave him another 4 oz. and he sucked the bottle dry - Well doctor - I don't care what the "studies show" my baby is hungry! Rice cereal it was tonight - a nice 5 month birthday treat! He did quite well - opened his mouth when the spoon came toward him and swallowed it pretty easily. He took about 4 bites. I weighed him today - 14.4 pounds.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Back to the Zoo!

Grandma Sandy, Aunt Corie, the boys and I went to the zoo on Saturday! It was a beautiful day and the zoo was packed! Jack loved riding the train with his grandma. Not sure why this is underlined - can't figure out how to undo it!

A BIG day at the zoo pooped this little guy out!