Saturday, June 27, 2009

Deanne, Cole & Kate!

Today Deanne was visiting her ENTIRE family in Sacramento - All the Hansens - this includes 9 grandchildren. She invited us over because we rarely get to see each other since she lives in Seattle. When Cole and Jack saw one another they dove right in playing with each other as they did in January!

When we saw Deanne in January Kate was in her belly - and now here she is 3 months old already! She is BEAUTIFUL and such a happy baby! I was so happy to meet her!!!!

Jack was sat at the kids table - this was TOO cute to watch. He felt like such a big boy! A few times I caught him peaking over the table's edge waving and saying "Hi" to the big kid across from him! P and I actually left him at the table and we went to the dining room with the grown ups! He is getting bigger by the second!

Us with our kids!

De and I went to college together for those of you who do not know :). We've been friends since we were 19! So fun to see her! Thank you Hansen family for having us!!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


This December Jack will become a big brother
Due date - December 10th!
We were just as surprised as the look on his face!
SO FUN - SOOOOOO exciting!

Happy Birthday Sam!

Yesterday I babysat Jack's buddy, Landon and Sam stayed the evening for a belated birthday dinner and peppermint ice cream cones! Happy Birthday Samantha!

The new bike rider of the family

Dad surprised Jack and me with a new helmet and bike seat for Jack. It attaches to Patrick's beach cruiser! Jack was THRILLED! He is growing up sooooo quickly!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hershey, Pennsylvania

Since Jack is no longer free come the 30th, our dear friends the Transeths treated me and we flew out there on Wednesday the 27th! Jack had AN INCREDIBLE time with everyone!!! Susie sure spoiled him with LOTS of toys and LOTS of first time treats!!!! I realize now that he is turning two - it is time for the kid to have some fun experiences with sugar! Suz had a blast with him!

Don and Susan let Jack hold the leash each time Jack went on a walk with them - Riley is Jack's new best friend - but I would not necessarily say Jack was Riley's new best friend!

First lollipop!

SO happy!

Uncle Don took Jack in his race car down the driveway! Of course from then on every time he went int to he garage he wanted to "Ride black race car please!"

Their beautiful home

Aunt Susie took us to Bullfrog park - it was beautiful with lots of ducks!

Watermelon time with Stenn! I babysat Stenn from the time he was 4 months old and his brother Chase was 5 - Stenn is now getting his driver's licence on the 10th and Chase is going to be a senior at WSU!

Susan treated us to Hershey Park!!!! Jack was not too sure about the rides at first - but then once he embraced it he had the TIME OF HIS LIFE!

First dippin' dots!

Let the fun begin!!!

Bye bye Hershey Park!

Hershey ice cream

Jack's very first OWN cone! It was DELICIOUS! Hershey has it's very own dairy - the ice cream was amazing with real fresh strawberries in it - it was the freshest, creamiest ice cream I have ever had! Jack had about 20 licks and then zonked out...

Susie gave jack a bath in her jacuzzi tub and he LOVED it!

Stenn played with Jack each day when he got home from school - JAck was OBSESSED with Stenn - everything Stenn had - he wanted!!! Soooo now Jack FINALLY eats "Stenn's broccoli", Stenn's chicken", and Stenn's snacks!" Wooo Hooo!

He will always be my "Stenny Boy!"

THANK YOU Transeths!!!! Such special memories for us!!!!