Monday, July 27, 2009

Boys Secret!

So, Gina was out in the city with the girls (that's San Fran, not Sacto), which means dad has to handle dinner. Since Gina doesn't eat red meat, it is a rare occasion that I get the opportunity and I jump at the chance!!

Jack and I now have a tradition formally known as "Boys Secret." He likes the grilled cheese and LOVES the french fries with "dip it" aka ketchup.

Shhh... Don't tell anyone, it's a secret!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Happy Birthday P!!!

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

Yesterday was Patrick's birthday and Jack and I surprised him at his team meeting at Keller Williams. His staff threw him a small surprise party and we joined in! He has such an amazing team at his office. They really love him over there and rightfully so. He is beyond dedicated and so driven toward having his agents be successful. He deserved the celebration! Love you hun!

A visit from Katie!!!!

Our dear friend Katie came to visit us!!!! She and Jack palled around all weekend!

On Sunday we went to a place where they had a play fountain for Jack. It is one of those kinds where the eater spurts up inadvertently. A BIG surprise for him!

Where did the water go?

Oh there it is!!! Annnnnnd he's off!

Where did the water go??

OH! There it IS! Annnnd he's off again!

It was so fun for us to have Katie here! It was a great break for her! She left her two kids, Molly & Blake at home with Ian. She slept in, snuggled in bed in the middle of the day, drank mojitos and delicious wine and ate relaxing (no kid) meals! She deserved it! We laughed until our cheeks hurt! THANK YOU for making such a great effort and going out of your "everyday" for us Katie! Come back soon! We love you!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ball Game with Jack Jack and Daddy

Ok, Daddy gets a turn to post! Jack and I went to a Rivercats game for a father and son outing. No sooner had we laid out the blanket when I saw the crowd roar and the right fielder running toward us and stops. Keep in mind it was 102 degrees and the sun was in our direction (still using the old "sun in my eyes" excuse)... when a foul ball plops at our feet!! Third ball game for Jack and second foul ball! His luck is way better than mine, as I had never caught a foul ball in 31 years until he arrived.

Keeping Jack and daddy fully hydrated in the heat is important!

Future Rivercat!

There's no froggy and buda in baseball!

I taught Jack two new words - Pitcher and Catcher. As the ball hit the catchers mit, Jack would say BOOM! He also has a favorite player - Buck, number 6. Jack was waving and saying "Hi Buck!"

The sun is setting on both the game and Jack - "Night Night Ball Game"

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Healthy Baby!

Today we went and got our anatomy scan of baby number 2! We have this EXACT same picture of Jack with the hand up by the face! It was just as amazing the second time! It yawned, sucked it's thumb and truly looked like it was waving to us. Such a blessing! Assuming all is well - we did not meet with a doctor - just a technician. I am pretty confident my Dr. will tell me when she sees me that all looks great! I know I am bias, but if you ask me, that's a pretty precious profile!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Andersons visit the Woods

The Andersons did a VERY long road trip up to Oregon for some family gatherings. On the way back down they stayed three nights with us at P's parents place in Tahoe! It was so fun watching the kids together, laughing, eating and drinking! It was special being able to spend so much time with the new addition, Lucy. Her temperment is amazing and her smile is from here to eternity! Charlie Mae's personality is so infectious and she certainly gives Jack a run for his money in terms of toughness. For being a girl - she has a lot of things to teach our little boy! It was so fun to watch them engage.

Carrie and Lucy look just like each other!

Can't believe I am only 4 months

Lucy and Gina bathing at Kings Beach

big kids

such a great photo - the kids were laughing so hard!

if you zoom in - you can see they are both off the ground - this was so fun to watch - everything p was doing the kids would follow - such a precious moment!

watermelon CHEERS!

Woa! Your very own first sunday! (at this point it took anything to keep them occupied!)

Lucy - 5 months - so beautiful

froggy, buda (what j calls his paci), go-goat, pc (what c calls her paci), and exersaucers - that's all you need!

Such a great trip and time together! Thanks for coming friends!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy SECOND Birthday Jack!

Jack celebrated his 2nd birthday with The Woods last Saturday! He got his very first remote control race car and enjoyed a wonderful dinner celebrating Father's Day and his birthday!

My attempt at a cake!

A BIG cake that is!

Yesterday morning on his birthday Jack had his 2 year check up where he weighed in at 24 lbs!

When our friends in the neighborhood asked us what we were doing for Jack's birthday and I told them nothing - they were SO kind to invite us to the Natomas Park Clubhouse to do some swimming! We were so grateful! I made cupcakes and brought some fun pool trinkets for his four little friends :)

Our friends, the Zitzlspergers, introduced us to the new family tradition of taking the picture of Jack at his exact birth time, 5:00 each year he actually lives with us! I thought this picture was absolutely precious! It captures his sweet demeanor, his joy for fun, and contagious smile! This was his 5:00 snapshot :)

His 5:00 snapshot last year. Amazing what a year does!

On the evening of is birthday he received a NEW CAR from his Uma & Auntie Carolyn!

He LOVED it!

It is so fun watching him grow up! He is such a joy in our lives! Happy Birthday Big Boy!