Friday, August 31, 2007

August 30th - Happy TWO month birthday Jackie P!!!

On Jack's 2 month birthday - we celebrated by going to the doctor and getting 3 shots! He did GREAT! It was so much better than the circumcision! Dr. Bud said "jack looks like a million bucks!" Happy Birthday Jackaroo!!! We cannot believe you have been here for 2 months already - what a blessing!

happy as can be at his 2 month appointment - little does he know what is about to happen!

jack weighed exactly 11 pounds - 15 days ago he weighed 10.5 pounds. he has gone from 50th percentile in weight to 75th percentile in two weeks! he is 50th percentile in both head and height as well

nurse laura always makes us smile

who is that cute baby?

dr. bud also performed jack's circumcision - jack has seemed to forgotten that! he really enjoys dr. bud!

then he heard the word "injection" and all went still....

anddddd 3 pokes it was! hep b, polio, flu, tetanus, respiratory - 5 vaccinations in 3 shots

daddy consuls him

aaannnddd we're BACK!

Thursday, August 30, 2007


Happy as can be on an August afternoon!

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Weekend in Pinecrest

Emilia, Ryan, Nolan and Mila invited us to Ryan's parent's cabin in Pinecrest for the weekend. It was spectacular. We had delicious food, wonderful conversation, relaxing boat cruises, hysterical kayak rides and lots of laughter! It was so great to spend time with Nolan and Mila. Nolan's vocabulary and personality would melt anyone's heart! THANK you for the invite and the great weekend!

gina spending quality time with her little man, nolan

ry and p on the party boat ( jack stayed with ryan's mom - it was nice to have a break)

cheers to vacation and a beautiful setting

p was crazy and jumped into the melted snow lake in the evening!

told you that was crazy!

jack loved seeing emilia again - she also met him minutes after he was born!

jackie p was not so sure about nolan holding him - but nolan did a great job!

gina ssshhhing j on the swing on the balcony

p and mila hit it off

It was nice to see patrick and ryan relax

the view from the brach's balcony

mila and jack spending quality time together

Jack meets his GREAT grandpa!

On August 23rd (Grandma Jackie's birthday- who Jack is named after) Jack woke up giggling! At least that is what is sounded like and it lasted for 10 minutes! This was a big day for him - we went to the Bay Area and Jack got to meet his GREAT GRANDPA JOHN GUERRINI! Grandpa will be 93 in October! Jack is 7 1/2 weeks in this picture.

Guess I threw him off here . . .


Jack was soooo lucky this month! MANY people came to visit him here at home. Carrie, Charlie, Allegro Family, Katie and Nate, Uncle Mel and Aunt Adaleen, and the Arnold Family!!! Wow! Our house was filled with LOVE! Thank you everyone!

uncle mel and aunt adaleen brought us lunch and snuggles!

the allegro family also came to visit jack - craig, deanne and cole. cole spent time with our family while craig and deanne went to a wedding. the next day was cole's first birthday!

an amazing picture of cole on his first birthday

look at my three teeth!

auntie stacy has pretty feet!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

magical mattie sue

Boo, Stacy, Mattie Sue and Malyn came for a surprise visit to meet Jack! You can see just how excited he was! Those girls are beauties!

jack did not fit in the bath with the girls - so back to the sink it was

bath time for the babies

bath time with arnold girls

malyn grace playing with jack

jack LOVES his activity mat & personalized comfly quilt- thank you to grandma shirley for the mat and to mrs. skelly for the quilt - THANK YOU to deanne for telling gina to get the mat out!

she is a natural