Monday, January 12, 2009

Seattle Visit

Jennifer's mom, Christie just emailed this to me and I had to put it on the blog! Jennifer is a yoga instructor and I was telling her how I have a lot of back pain. This is a stretch she does with her students. What is hilarious about this picture is much of what you cannot see (me hysterically laughing for one thing plus MUCH more) and Jack hysterically crying in the background! He could not STAND Jennifer putting me in any sort of position or working with me in any way. It was as though he was like a dog watching his master wrestling for fun - he just thought I was getting hurt over and over again. Unfortunately we had to cut the practice short due to Jack being so horrified, but boy did those stretches feel incredible! Jennifer is truly gifted at what she does!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Update, Update, Update HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Thank goodness for FREE Southwest Airline tickets and FREE flyers under 2! On New Year's Eve morning our family got on a plane and continued the tradition of welcoming the new year with the Brachs!

First plane ride with the big boy car seat - MUCH LESS convenient that the infant car seat!

As soon as we arrived Emilia made her famous turkey burgers for us and gnochi for the kids (Mila (2) Nolan 4 1/2)! This was Jack's first time sitting at a table eating by himself with no lap and no high chair - he thought he was pretty special!

Bubble mohawks during bathtime!

A VERY SPECIAL meeting! For the first time Jack got to meet his cousins! My cousin Jason has two boys, Avery and Conner. I have met Avery twice now, but never precious Conner. Jason and his entire family had yet to meet Jack. It was a GREAT time together and the boys had a blast playing together. Jack just jumped right in as though he had known them his whole life! This was quite special for me because other than his grandma, none of the Guerrinis have yet to meet Conner!

Patrick flew home Saturday and on Sunday Jack and I boarded the Amtrak and choo-choo-ed off to Seattle to see my childhood best friend Jennifer, her family and The Allegros!

Jack loved the famous fish stand in Pike's Place Market! The fish guys were great with him! He loved the singing and getting fish kisses!

My dear friend Deanne is due on St. Patrick's Day! She looked beautiful as always! Her home, husband, and son, Cole were all so welcoming and warm! It was so special to be together.

Cole (2 1/2) and Jack dined together while the grown-ups sipped wine and ate pizza.

Jennifer's parents recently built a beautiful home overlooking lake Washington. The property is actually where Christie's grandparents had a lake house and cottages. It was amazing to see the property with a new home on it and remembering the beautiful surroundings Jennifer and I used to go to when we were young.

Christie & Jennifer

Jack fell in love with Jennifer, Christie and Bruce. It was so special to me for them to meet my son.

Thank you Brachs, Powers, Allegros and Isaccson/Roundys for having us!!!! You were all so generous and giving!

I am also thankful to P for being so flexible and supportive. He flew back home to go to work while J and I took off to Seattle. I am grateful for how hard he works and how devoted he is to our family. Without his hard work, I would not be able to be home with Jack or get to do special adventures like this one! We sure are lucky to have him as a daddy and a husband!