Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Uncle Mel and Aunt Adaleen brought lunch from the city and came to meet Baby Stenn! Lots of traffic made it a long drive - thank you for coming!

Happy 87th Birthday Grandma Shirley!

I am sad this picture is blurry - but I love this expression - it is what I see nightly when P walks around the house with stenn - his little bobble head peeping all over the place!

Umma loves her Stenny - she came to help me out the other day. It was 4:00 and I finally got to wash up for the day!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Visitors, Turning ONE MONTH & More Visitors!!!!

Carrie left the girls with her folks in Portland and flew into Sacramento for two days! She was AMAZING! She cooked went grocery shopping, made multiple meals, did our laundry, played with Jack and snuggled Stenn endlessly!!! It was such a treat to have her here. She really spoiled us. I appreciate her patience with Jack, considering every 30 seconds he would say "Come on Care, come play with me, come on Care!!!" I don't know what was cuter, him calling her Care or her dropping anything she was doing to stop and play with him!

Day before his one month birthday

One month Birthday Bath (wish I would have gotten better one month birthday pictures - the day goes by so fast)!

Friday - A visit from Heather, Sarah and the kids!

Marco Cecchin, Nikos & Olive Romios, Jack, Stenn

Jack has been pretty amazing with Stenn - always concerned about him and wantingto know where he is. Every time Stenn is on the play mat Jack lays there with him.

Saturday - A visit from Danielle and Dad! AKA "Trampa Tom & Dani"

Sunday - A visit from Grandma Sandy and "Trampa Bill"

And now..... time to rest....
THANK YOU EVERYONE for loving the boys and coming to visit!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The boys

Erin came before Christmas to meet Stenny! Robin and Beverly came a few days ago too! I specifically got out the camera and put it on the counter to take pictures - but this sleep deprived mind never took one shot :(. All three of them showered Stenn and Jack with gifts - thank you SO much!!!!

Sweet Stenny Boy

Uncle Randy's thumb with Jack's foot

Uncle Randy's thumb with Stenny's foot

Buda buddies (Jack calls his pacifier (yes he still has his pacifier for bed) "Buda") This was a HUGE moment - Jack allowing Stenn in his crib - he was not so sure in the beginning - but then he wanted to get in it with him and he thought it was fun!



I love this picture