Thursday, April 1, 2010

Stenn rolls over!

Last week when Stenny turned 15 weeks I thought to myself - "This is the week Jack rolled over - he was 15 1/2 weeks out in Hershey." I then thouight there was absolutely no way Stenn would be doing it at the same time because he rarely gets tummy time (I also thought STOP comparing!). I started putting him on his tummy more often at the beginning of the week. When all of us were in Jack's room last week cleaning up, I laid Stenn down on the carpet - and BAM - he rolled over! P ran and got the video camera and he perfomed again! The crazy thing is they were BOTH 15 1/2 weeks - what a random number. I thought it was so interesting that I actually looked it up and counted when exactly Jack did it - I know - that is silly but I was so curious . . . Jack's little brother beat him by a day!!! ;) Stenn has so quickly left the infant stage - makes me sad. But what a precious baby! Now if he would only sleep through the night!


boo and stacy arnold said...

Stenn is a CUUUUTE baby! He has the sweetest eyes! I loved watching Jack help him roll over at the start of the video.

Go Stenn!!

deanne said...

That is hard work Stenn!! Good job.

Borrelli family said...

Such a sweet face. Your boys are so loved by their mommy and daddy!