Monday, February 8, 2010

knock...knock... SURPRISE!!!!!!

Guess who showed up at our door ALLLLLL THE WAY FROM HERSHEY PENNSYLVANIA!!!!?????!!!!! SUSAN!!!!

For those of you that do not know - Susie is very close to our family. I met the Transeth family when I was 16, that was when I began babysitting her two boys Chase and Stenn! The Transeths have been a huge part of my life/our lives for so many years. They truly are an extension of our family. They have been soooo amazing to us for so many years and treat us as though we are one of their own - in turn - we had a Stenn too! It was a way to honor them and show our love. We also think the name is fantastic! Susan said she could no longer handle seeing everyone on the blog meeting Baby Stenn and her being so far away - soooo she planned it with my mom and Patrick and showed up on our door step Wednesday afternoon!!! She called and said to call her back, that there was something for me on my doorstep!!! One of the biggest surprises of my life!!! She immediately helped me with the house cleaning and organization - she treated us to dinner and played with the boys. It is fun for her that I have too boys as well!

Taken about 2 minutes after she arrived - we immediately whipped out the camera!

Jack loves Auntie Susie!

Don's cousin from Norway knitted "Big Stenn" this traditional, Norwegian, baby patterned sweater when he was born. Suz dug it out of her Stenn's baby box and flew it out here with her so our Stenny could take a picture in it. So special and meaningful - thank you for that Susie.

Jack and I were hit with the stomach flu last week - so he needed some time outside. And yes ---- Jack got sick again - - - - and yes he gave it to SUSAN while she was visiting California!! I feel horrible!

Words cannot thank Susie enough for the 3000 mile away surprise! It means the world to us!!!

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