Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I don't know if this was a low parenting moment, a completely absent minded moment, or just the pure sneakiness of a two year old.

I put Jack in his high chair with his lunch - and only his lunch (that is all I can recall). I went into the office to skype with Carrie (leaving him - hence the low parenting moment) and chatted with her for a short while. I went out to the family room to check on Jack and this is what
I thought . . . "Oh he must have went his pants . . ."

Then I saw this - Soda???? I don't even have soda in the house??? Did he vomit?????
(notice the feet)

And then I saw this on the floor . . . . . . WHAT?????? How did he get the BRAND NEW, OPENED THAT MORNING, bottle of SSSYYYRRRUUPPPP???? (now completely empty!)

Now he is scooping the syrup in his spoon and eating it - great.

Off to the shower - where his syrup covered body rubbed all up against the white fabric shower curtain.

It took three times to clean the floor - the syrup had dripped everywhere from trying to bring the high chair top to the sink, the rags from cleaning, etc! I felt so defeated after trying to clean it two times and nothing! Mind you, when you take a mop to the syrup on the floor, it spreads more and more and more - so much so it ended up covering the entire eating area and walk way into the kitchen! Did I mention I am 9 months pregnant and humongous and just spent the entire weekend scouring the house in preparation for the baby? P came home and bought special cleaner and took care of it for me! My husband came to the rescue! Of course this morning . . . I noticed it all over the walls!

My fault - completely my fault. But I STILL have NO idea how he got that syrup.

After I took this last picture - we drove to the hair cutting place a few hours later!!!!!!!

His way overdue, shorter, non-syrup hair cut :)


boo and stacy arnold said...

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GINA!!!! That is a big one! So glad you documented it! His little facial expressions are hilarious! He has no clue the amount of pain that is about to go into the cleaning! WOW! Way to go Pdid for cleaning it up! I bet he had so much fun pouring it out.

Shelly Z. said...

I just cringed reading that!!! I can't stand cleaning up normal, everyday messes, so THAT would have put me over the edge. But you sound like you handled it so well. You are amazing! And yes, way to go Patrick for coming to the rescue. No more syrup for a while!!

boo and stacy arnold said...

LOVE the haircut!!!

Shelly Z. said...

Yes, LOVE the haircut! He looks so distinguished in that picture!

Pam said...

O I just know he had so much fun pouring the syrup and then playing in it. Sorry it happened and o what a mess but O what fun to do then eat.
It's over and now you have a wonderful memory, you'll never ever forget.

Tootle Family said...

Gina...that is hilarious!!! How in the world?!?! I LOVE all of the pictures that tell the story so perfectly.

boo and stacy arnold said...

I just thought of something.....the only thing worse in this world would be Malasses. And since you are not in the south I assume you have none in your house. Therefore.....this situation could not be worse for you!

Funny memory though!!