Monday, December 3, 2007

Another day in history!

As of last night - Jack REALLY belly laughed like a kid while singing to him "Pop Goes the Weasel!" It was crazy to witness - all of the sudden his baby giggle turned into a full cracking up! And he did it at the perfect time - right when I would say "Pop"! ALSO in the middle of the night last night P and I woke up to Jack crying. Patrick went in and found him on his BELLY!!! He was frustrated because he could not turn back over in his sleep sack. He has now learned to roll over from back to stomach!!! A big feat! Good job Jackie P - But now for us - we have to be CLOSE watchers! It is so fun to watch the milestones!


Tootle Family said...

Woohoo!!! Jack, keep laughing for your mom and dad! Baby's laughter is seriously the sweetest sound!

Nicole Svendsen said...

Video it next time so we can hear it!!!

boo arnold said...

YEA!! yes more laughter to come with Gina as yo mama! Can't wait to see you Jack!!